Husband and doula support laboring mom through contractions at Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center in Fort Worth, TX.

In recent years birth photography has gained traction across the world. Here are some of the most common questions I have received.

  • What is birth photography?

    Birth photography is so much more than the actual moment of birth. It is your amazing and unique story. It is the connections you have with your birth team. It is meeting your baby for the first time. It is about capturing the introductions of new siblings and so much more. I strive to tell your entire labor story and capture the little details that you might forget along the way.

  • What if I don’t want any graphic photos?

    That is totally fine. We go over your desires in our initial consult and I ask again in my questionnaire before your birth. I completely respect your wishes. During the actual birth if you desires photos of baby emerging I position myself in a manner to capture them as tastefully as possible.

  • When do you go on-call?

    I typically go on-call at 38 weeks. But being a preemie mom myself I do make adjustments when needed.

  • What areas do you serve?

    I serve all across Dallas/ Fort Worth. I have shot as far South as Cleburne and as far North as McKinney so far

  • What If I Need/am Planning a Csection?

    First of all, Csection births are beautiful ( 2 time csection mom over here). Luckily many of our area hospitals allow photographers in the OR but It is up to you or your spouse to advocate for me being present.

  • When should I call?

    I ask that my client let me know when they think they are in labor. This gives me time to get my kids taken care of and everything squared away.

  • How long do you stay? Is there a time limit?

    I do not put a time limit on your birth. I aim to arrive when you are in active labor and typically stay for 2 hrs after your baby is born. If your birth runs long, I will take a couple breaks to eat a snack or rest but will remain close by.

  • What happens if you are attending another birth when I go into labor?

    Thankfully we living in an amazing area for birth photography. I have many reliable back-ups that help me out. We all back-up for eachother regularly so we understand eachothers styles. In the event that I had to call a back-up they would photograph your birth and then hand over the files to me for editing so you get my style.

  • What makes working with you special?

    I am a helper at heart. Aside from photography, I have trained as a doula so I know the ins and outs of the birthing space. I can be a fly on the wall during a birth if that is what is needed or I can crack jokes with your family if that is the mood in the room. Above all I wholeheartedly respect your birth and birth space. And I have been known to grab laboring women ice or refill their waters along the way. :)