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Birth of Jetton {DFW Birth Photography | Mansfield Birth Photography | Hospital Birth }

{The Birth of Jetton from my point of view}

A few days before Jetton was born I was given the heads up that they had scheduled an induction for May 26th. Shay was already 4-5 cm so I double checked all of my gear just in case he decided to not wait until then. 

When Induction day arrived Shay and Jacob arrived and got settled into the hospital and started pitocin. Contractions started strong and fast so I arrived soon after!  

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They worked seamlessly together. Jacob was such an amazing support for Shay as she labored through back to back contractions. 

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After a couple hours on pitocin contractions were getting more and more intense so they decided to get an epidural. L and D was swamped that morning so it took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to get there but Shay rocked it! Once he arrived so did sweet relief! 

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Soon after the rest of her family came to support her including their little girl! She was so excited to meet her baby brother.

As the morning went on everyone was having a good time laughing and chatting about reruns of The Reel. Their sweet little girl had fun playing with the peanut ball and playing hide and seek! 

Shays labor progressed rather quickly and within 2 hours she as ready to push. She pushed for maybe 20 minutes and little Jetton was born!

 He was perfect! Shay seriously made pushing look easy! 

DFW Birth photography | Mansfield Methodist Hospital | Mansfield birth photography

When Cooper, their daughter, met Jetton for the first time she was completely smitten. Now there is something at every birth that pulls at my heart strings and seeing these siblings meet for the first time was definitely it. They were so sweet to watch! <3    

DFW birth photography | Mansfield Birth Photography | Mansfield Methodist Hospital

The whole family was so in love with little Jetton! Happy Birthday sweet boy! <3 

It was such an amazing birth and it was an honor to be a part of their birth team! 

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