Leilani Michelle's Birth Story- Part Two (Fort Worth| Hospital Birth)

-And so our birth story begins-

If you missed part one and would like some background click here :)

Austin had driven me to moxibustion the morning of January 9th, we came home had lunch and I was feeling pretty tired but didn't think anything of it (oh how our bodies try to tell us things). I got dressed in some ratty work clothes and we left to clean up a rental property.

On the drive over I felt a tight twinge in my belly but I thought I might just have an upset stomach. We arrived at the house at about 2:30 and I waddled out of the truck, walked in the door and GUSH! At first I thought I might have peed my pants and then I happened again, and again, and again.

I remember telling Austin “uhh I think we need to go somewhere” after I convinced him it was definitely not pee.

I called Brittany (doula) and Donna (midwife) and we headed to the birth center which was thankfully close. When we arrived we talked a bit and did the amniotic fluid test and of course it came back positive. Donna palpated my belly and asked if I could feel the contractions, I couldn't yet, and confirmed Lani was still breech.  I was completely shocked, scared and heartbroken. Not only was our birth not going to happen at all like we planned but baby girl was going to be 6 weeks early.

I remember my mom returning my phone call while I was at the birth center and I asked her what her plans were for the evening and I told her she should probably think about switching them because Lani was coming today! She was of course shocked and asked how I was doing. And it took everything in me to hold it together. Silly I know but I hate crying in public.

So we rush home gather things we think we might need and scurry to Harris Methodist in Fort Worth.  We checked into maternal observation around 5:30. At this point they checked me and I was at a 2. After that one of the UNT midwives, Lindsey, came in to talk to me and did a sonogram to check position and fluid levels. She confirmed a frank breech position with little to no fluid. So C-section it was going to be, a completely different birth that I dreamed of and built up in my head.

After she left contractions started to come more regularly but were not super strong. My parents, sister, sister-in-law and doula showed up about this time.

We were moved to labor and delivery and that is when contractions really started to come and I felt like I was burning alive and just kept sweating. Everyone helped me work through contractions and took photographs for me since our photographer couldn’t make it.  We used essential oils, guided breathing and fans! Oh how I loved the fans!

Around 9:30 they came to wheel me back, Austin kissed me and I just kept thinking this can’t be real.

I arrived in the OR and they began to prep me for surgery. They placed the spinal, which felt completely awful, draped me up and brought Austin and Brittany in around 10:00. Brittany stepped in and took pictures for us. So thankful for them too!

I told the OB and Midwife that I wanted to know everything that was happening! A few minutes pass and one of them says “Oh my goodness she is peeing on me!” Another minute passes and thenwe hear her cry and my heart just melted. Leilani was finally here! She had some strong lungs on her! We had planned to do a “family centered cesarean” but they said she needed some help. They brought her to my side of the drape and showed her to me from across the room. All I wanted to do was hold my baby.

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They took her over to the NICU team standing by and worked on her for a little while, placed her on a cpap machine and then wheeled her in her isolette over to see Austin and I.

preemie, cpap, 34 weeks, 34 weeks pregnant, baby, newborn, photography,  birth story

I touched her little fingers and just smiled at her. Then they wheeled her off to the NICU. They stitched me up and moved me back to my labor and delivery room.  Before they moved me to a postpartum room they wheeled me by the NICU and let me see Lani but wouldn’t let me hold her which completely broke my heart and made me rather angry.  We left the NICU and went to recovery and I began the every two hour pumping schedule.

preemie, cpap, 34 weeks, 34 weeks pregnant, baby, newborn, photography,  birth story

The next day Austin wheeled me to the NICU and I FINALLY got to hold Leilani and it was the greatest moment of my life.

Leilani’s Birth Stats

Born at 10:05pm

Weight- 4lbs 14oz

Height- 16 ½ inches

Apgar8 and 9