Leilani Michelle's Birth story! -Part One (Fort Worth| Hospital Birth)

In honor of Prematurity Awareness month I wanted to share my sweet Leilani’s birth story. While she is considered “late-term premature” because she was born at 34 weeks she still falls into the preemie category.

-Part one is all about my  pregnancy-

I found out I was pregnant Wednesday June 12th 2013, 4 days before Father’s day! (How sweet!)  While we had been trying we were surprised that it happened so quickly and were over the moon. Before my husband, Austin, and I even started trying to conceive we had discussed the type of birth we wanted and had both decided we would love to have a homebirth with a midwife! Yes, we are those people! :p

Anyways, once we got the big fat positive we looked around and interviewed Donna Miller. We immediately felt that she would be perfect for our birth team. Soon after we hired Donna we hired our doula, Brittany Hernandez, and birth photographer! And everything started to fall into place for our February 19th 2014 due date.

We went to all of our appointments together, I ate an extremely healthy diet (much better than I do now) continued to do yoga and saw a chiropractor almost every week.

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We found out we were having a girl on our wedding anniversary! Everything was right on track and I was loving being pregnant! :)

3d sonogram, 32 weeks pregnant, pregnancy, breech, birth story,
breech, frank breech, birth story, 34 weeks pregnant

At 30 weeks we decided it would be fun to take our parents to a 3D/4D sonogram and that is when we found out baby girl was frank breech. Although there was still plenty of time to turn I as kind of freaking out.  

We went back a week later and she was still in the same position. I’m not going to lie I felt the sand slipping through my fingers and felt I was losing whatever “control” I had over my birth. I knew that frank babies are the easiest to breech to birth vaginally and the hardest to get to turn.

Christmas came and went and she was still breech.

32 weeks pregnant, baby girl, baby bump, premature baby, pregnancy, birth story

I tried everything I could to turn her; spinning babies, chiropractic care, moxibustion (for more information about moxibustion click here) and had decided to have an ECV (more info on ECV here) at 37 weeks if she was still breech. But 3 days after starting moxibustion and at 34 week pregnant my water spontaneously ruptured.

-And that is where her birth story begins, come back tomorrow to read more-