Birth of Charleigh {Fort Worth Home Birth Photography}

Homebirth in the early morning hours

It was just passed 2am and I had just fallen asleep next to my 8 month old when my phone rang. It was Jamie, Chris’s midwife asking me if I was on my way. Confused and half asleep I told her no one had called me. (Chris’s labor had started fast and with the intensity they had forgotten to give me the heads up.) Jamie assured me that it was go time and to get there as soon as possible. From the call to the car was a total of 5 minutes, adrenaline in full swing.

When I arrived the house was dark and quiet and the smell of impending birth filled the air. As I set up my camera Chris hurried passed me into her sunroom to a bed she had set up for the birth. Her 2 year old daughter was awake and ready to see her brand new baby sister.

Shortly after I arrived Chris was ready to push. Her doula, midwifes, and husband all helped support her. After a couple pushes Chris, her husband and team of amazing midwives all helped catch their baby. Their oldest ran into the room right after the birth and was just smitten. Such a beautiful, peaceful homebirth!

Birth Team:

Midwives-Jamie Hinton and Christy Martin

Doula- Kathy O’Brien