Life-inspired/ Documentary Session Model Call

I am looking to document a few diverse families over the next couple of months. I would love to highlight the last days of pregnancy, early postpartum period as well as everyday family life. If you fit into any of these categories and are interested  please fill out the form below. 

The sessions will be mostly documentary style so I will not pose you at all.   All model families are required to sign a model release and photo agreement allowing me to use the images. In return, your family will receive an online gallery of the best images from our session together to download.  

Griffyn Newborn Lifestyle {Red Oak TX}

Newborn lifestyle sessions are so fun! I love how relaxed they are and how to capture the essence of a family! We had so much fun capturing what newborn life was like with Griffyn and his big brother! Thank you for inviting me into your home! <3

Why Newborn Lifestyle? {DFW Lifestyle Photography}

Newborn lifestyle sessions are a fresh new way to take your newborn pictures. Here are my top five reasons why newborn lifestyle sessions might be right for you!

King Family (33) copy
  1. The session takes place in the comfort of your own home! In those first few days/ weeks new parents are adjusting to life with their new baby and the stress of getting out of the house can often be overwhelming! Having these sessions in your home allows you to relax and enjoy your new baby!
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  3. The session is all about real life. These sessions are very loosely posed, I really just try to find the best light in your home and shoot there. Everything else just unfolds in front of the camera!
  4. The session can take place after your baby is 2 weeks old without any trouble. Traditional newborn sessions are best when they are done within the first 10-14 days of life because your baby sleeps deeper and more often. With newborn lifestyle your baby can be 6 weeks old and still get great photographs! You can get great sleepy shots within the first couple of weeks but if you want to wait and get those sweet interactive smiles that is no problem at all!
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  6. The session includes the whole family (both parents, siblings, and even pets if you choose). Newborn lifestyle sessions let you focus on family interactions. Does your older child like to read to the new baby? Do you have a sweet dog that loves to watch over your baby? You can include all of that in your session!
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  8. Herbal Baths! If you didn't get a chance to do any herbal bath after your birth this would be a perfect time to do one! They are so relaxing, healing and they make beautiful pictures!

For more information on Newborn Lifestyle Sessions Click Here 


Barr Newborn Lifestyle (5)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (10)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (20)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (31)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (40)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (49)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (64)

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the Barr family a couple of weeks ago! Little Karis had just turned a week old and was so alert and cute as can be!  Big brother was so sweet with her too! Hilari and Jonathan are truly amazing parents and the transition from one to two little ones looked so natural for them! Thank you for inviting me into your home!! I have enjoyed getting to know your family! <3

King Family {Fort Worth| Newborn Lifestyle}

I recently spent the morning with the King Family for their newborn lifestyle session. It was so sweet to watch them dote over their precious little boy. Being a new parent is so hard but so amazing at the same time, it is so easy to forget the tiny little details. Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture these fleeting moments. Your family is beautiful!

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King Family (54)
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King Family (54)
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