10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

1. Don't forget dad! 
Let dad be in the moment and not worrying about getting pictures. Let him support you and be an active participant! :)

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2. To share with your children as the grow! 
I always loved her hearing my birth story growing up but there are only a couple of pictures of my "birthday"! I'd love to look back on my parents meeting me for the first time.

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3. To relive the moments!

The day feels long when we are in the midst of labor but the memories fade so fast! Having photographs to look back on helps you remember those things that might have been lost in laborland.     

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4. To ensure your memories are in focus.
 Professional birth photographers know the ins and outs of their equipment and how to work in the harshest lighting environments and still get great images!  

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5. To see how powerful you are!
"There is a secret in our culture and it is not that birth is painful but that women are strong"- Laura Stavoe

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6. To see your love grow!
Watch your love for your partner and growing family bloom right before your eyes. Watching a husband dote over his wife and children and new mother bonding with their babies is one of my favorite things to photograph. It pulls at my heartstrings every single time!

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7. To capture those little details that change so fast.
New babies features change so fast! One day they have that sweet new baby fuzz and then it is gone! Birth photography helps you relive those little details that disappear without us even realizing it! 

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8. Your baby only takes its first breath once! 

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9. Let your birth team focus on you.
No matter how much time your birth team thinks they will have to take pictures during your labor there is always something else they could be doing to help and support you. 

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10. You Won't Regret it!! <3
The first time you meet your baby, the first time you count their fingers and toes, the first time your oldest meets your youngest; they are all such special moments in our lives! Capture it!  

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