Ari Newborn Lifestyle

One of my favorite things about being a birth photographer is watching families grow. This job is even more extraordinary when I get to capture the families beyond their births. I have been friends with Katharine and Dex for years and watching them dote over their precious son was incredibly heart warming.

Birth of Ari {Hospital Birth | Fort Worth TX}

Ari's birth was extra special, his mom and I were college roommates turned best friends! I think I won the roommate lottery! 

Ari's mom was simply amazing! She found her zone and focused her way through each contraction that came her way! Her husband and mom were right there with her the entire time. I can not say enough about how amazing and supportive her nurses and midwives (Acclaim Midwives) were throughout her labor! We are blessed to live in such a family centered care area. 

Watching Katharine and Dex become parents was incredible! Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories! 

Birth of Baby C {Hospital Birth| Grapevine TX}

Birth of Baby C {Hospital Birth| Grapevine TX}

Natural hospital birth in Grapevine, TX.

Feature on Voyage Dallas

Mom looks at new baby after family centered Cesarean at Baylor All Saints hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

I was featured recently on Voyage Dallas Magazine talking about my life as a DFW birth photographer. I absolutely love what I do. I love supporting families during one of the most intense and breathtaking moments of their lives and I try to show that through my work.

You can check out my Birth Photography feature here

Birth of Charleigh {Fort Worth Home Birth Photography}

Homebirth in the early morning hours

It was just passed 2am and I had just fallen asleep next to my 8 month old when my phone rang. It was Jamie, Chris’s midwife asking me if I was on my way. Confused and half asleep I told her no one had called me. (Chris’s labor had started fast and with the intensity they had forgotten to give me the heads up.) Jamie assured me that it was go time and to get there as soon as possible. From the call to the car was a total of 5 minutes, adrenaline in full swing.

When I arrived the house was dark and quiet and the smell of impending birth filled the air. As I set up my camera Chris hurried passed me into her sunroom to a bed she had set up for the birth. Her 2 year old daughter was awake and ready to see her brand new baby sister.

Shortly after I arrived Chris was ready to push. Her doula, midwifes, and husband all helped support her. After a couple pushes Chris, her husband and team of amazing midwives all helped catch their baby. Their oldest ran into the room right after the birth and was just smitten. Such a beautiful, peaceful homebirth!

Birth Team:

Midwives-Jamie Hinton and Christy Martin

Doula- Kathy O’Brien

insider look: Before and After Magic{dfw Birth PHOTOGRAPHY}

Want to see the magic of hiring a professional photographer to shoot your birth? Some are subtle and others are quite dramatic changes. I hope you enjoy!

Mom embraces new baby during water birth at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst, TX.
Baby enjoying an herbal bath with mom during homebirth in Fort Worth, TX.
Midwife comforting mom through contractions during homebirth in Fort Worth, TX.
Mom and baby do skin to skin shortly after birth at Mansfield Methodist Hospital in Mansfield, TX.
Laboring woman takes a breath between contractions during labor at Edenway Birth Center in Cleburne, TX.
Newborn is check out by doctors shortly after birth at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, TX.
Doula and Midwife help laboring mom cool off during contractions at Fort Worth Birth and Wellness center in Fort Worth, TX.
Mom and baby do skin to skin in the OR during their family centered Cesarean at Baylor All Saints in Fort Worth, TX.
Pregnant Mom relaxes in a milk bath during her last trimester in Bedford, TX.

Not a birth but I love this milk bath before and after too! 

Top 11 Favorite Birth Images {DFW Birth Photography}

Top 11 Favorite Birth Images {DFW Birth Photography}

A few of my favorite images I have captured from births across DFW.

Griffyn Newborn Lifestyle {Red Oak TX}

Newborn lifestyle sessions are so fun! I love how relaxed they are and how to capture the essence of a family! We had so much fun capturing what newborn life was like with Griffyn and his big brother! Thank you for inviting me into your home! <3

Birth of Josie {Homebirth | Red oak Tx}

When I heard Hilari was expecting again, I was so excited! I had the privilege of capturing the birth of her second child a couple years ago and couldn't wait to see her rock her first homebirth! 

Hilari's faith played a pivotal roll in Josie's birth and she couldn't have picked a better birth team! 

Can I just say our local birth community is amazing! 

Midwife: Born 2 B a Blessing- Terry Gyde

Chiropractor: Bridge Family Chiropractic- Dr:Emily


Yoga Maternity Session {Fort Worth Texas| Maternity Photography}

Chris was expecting her second child when we took took her maternity photos! What better way to celebrate your upcoming birth when you are a yoga instructor than doing a little yoga. She rocked it at 38 weeks! 

Birth of Emiliah {Fort Worth | Cesarean Birth}

Fort Worth Family Centered CESAREAN 

What a honor and privilege it was to walk along side Camila and Brandon as they welcomed their little girl into the world through a beautiful family centered cesarean.    

Norman's Fresh Baby Session {Dallas TX | Baylor University Medical Center}

Hauyi and Andrew hired me for their Fresh 48 session early in the second trimester of her pregnancy. We met for coffee to go over the details of what to expect and I awaited their call in the coming months.

They texted me the morning that they went into labor to give me the heads up. I was so excited to meet their little man. After he was born we scheduled for me to come and photograph their new family of 3 the next afternoon.

When I arrived we chatted about their birth for a bit and then I started photographing. They were seriously naturals. Sweet little Norman was so calm and alert. And to make the session even better, Norman’s grandmas got to join in on the fun.

Thank you guys for letting me capture these precious moments for your family.

Birth of Ashton {Homebirth| Fort Worth TX}

What a beautiful homebirth!

During this crazy flu session I was called to Ashton's birth as a back up photographer.

Mom and dad worked seamlessly together the whole time and their midwives (My Sister's Keepers Midwifery)  were amazing. They went above and beyond supporting Vanessa during her homebirth.

I am so thankful for the birth community I am apart of and so honored to back up a fellow photographer, Lane B photography.

Emry's Fresh Baby Session {Mansfield TX | Fresh 48 Photography}

I was supposed to shoot Emry’s birth but little lady had other plans. Her mom went into labor over night and she barely made it to the hospital before Emry was born. She was determined to come fast and furious a week before her due date.

Because her birth was so fast I unfortunately missed it. This is a very rare occurrence but precipitous births do happen sometimes. Luckily, I was able to come back later that morning and shoot a Fresh 48 for them.

Emry is such a beautiful baby. Her older sister is head over heels in love with her and it is the sweetest thing to watch. Congratulations you guys! 

Birth of Griffyn{Fort Worth Birth | Natural Birth}

Fast and Furious Natural Hospital birth!

When I found out Kaley was pregnant again I was over the moon. I photographed the birth of her first son back in 2014 and couldn’t wait to meet her new baby. Not only did they hire me for their birth but they would be my first repeat clients, how cool is that?!

After her long OP labor the first time, Kaley decided to hire a doula for her second birth. She hired Jamie Hinton, who is a Midwife and doula so she is seriously the best of both worlds.

Kaley texted me in the early afternoon to tell me she thought she might be in labor but wasn’t entirely sure since she was only 38 weeks. After a couple of hours her doula texted me and told me they were headed to the hospital to get checked out just in case because they lived an hour away. We decided it would probably be best to meet them there as Jamie felt labor was about to pick up.

When I arrived I found Kaley and Andrew in a room getting her BP tested. She was cracking jokes and smiling. She thought for sure she was in early labor if she was in labor at all. When the midwife arrived and checked her, she found that Kaley was already a 7. Kaley was in complete shock. It took 36 hrs to get to this point last time and it had only been 3 or 4.

Soon after, transition hit and contractions became intense and back to back. Her husband, mom and doula were such an amazing support team and kept encouraging her to keep going for the natural birth she had dreamed of.

Less than an hour after they arrived at the hospital it was time to push. After a couple pushes their second surprise son, Griffyn, was born. She got her natural birth she had longed for.

It was an honor to be invited back into Kaley’s birth space. She totally rocked it!!

Birth Team:

Doula- Jamie Hinton

Midwives- Acclaim Midwives of Fort Worth

Check out his birth video below. Please be advised there are moment of birth photos included in this slideshow.

Birth of Rhett

Birth of Rhett

The birth of Rhett. Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center is such a great option for moms in our community!