Birth of Emiliah

Fort Worth Family Centered CESAREAN 

What a honor and privilege it was to walk along side Camila and Brandon as they welcomed their little girl into the world through a beautiful family centered cesarean.    

Norman's Fresh Baby Session {Dallas TX | Baylor University Medical Center}

Birth of Ashton {Homebirth| Fort Worth TX}

What a beautiful homebirth!

During this crazy flu session I was called to Ashton's birth as a back up photographer. Mom and dad worked seamlessly together the whole time and their midwives (My Sister's Keepers Midwifery)  were amazing. I am so thankful for the birth community I am apart of and so honored a fellow photographer, Lane B photography, would trust me to take care of her clients. 

Birth of Griffyn{Fort Worth Birth | Natural Birth}

Fast and Furious Natural Hospital birth!

It was an honor to be invited back to shoot the birth of Kaley's second son! She was my first repeat client! <3 She had such a strong family support system and the most amazing doula, shout out to Jamie Hinton! Who walks in not thinking they are really in labor to having their baby a hour later! You are truly amazing! <3

Check out his birth video below. Please be advised there are moment of birth photos included in the slideshow.

Birth of Rhett

Birth of Rhett

The birth of Rhett. Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center is such a great option for moms in our community!

Celebrate Birth Midwifery 10 Year Celebration!

This past June Celebrate Birth Midwifery celebrated 10 years of serving families in DFW! Christy and Jamie have poured their hearts into our community and to see all of the families they have had an impact on is incredible! They are dedicated, loving, knowledgeable, supportive, and an all around amazing pair. I can not recommend them enough. DFW is lucky to have them!

If you are searching for an incredible out of hospital birth team, they should definitely be on your list of midwives to interview! <3 

Check them out here

Celebrate Birth (104).jpg

Birth of Baby C {Birth Center water birth | Fort Worth Birth Photography| ORIGINS Birth Center}

In the world of birth worth back-ups are a necessity! I had to opportunity to back up for Whitney Lott a couple months ago. Baby C's parents were incredible, they worked together seamlessly! The room was filled with worship music and so much love. This was one of the most calm births I have ever attended. It was amazing to watch these two becomes parents. Thank you for allowing me into your birth space! 

Birth of Tucker {Fort Worth Birth Photography | Hospital Water Birth}

I love shooting all births but there is somethings special about surprise gender births! 

Chanel labored beautifully at home all day.  Her daughter was such an amazing little doula and her husband and sister were great support! Right at rush hour we knew it was time to head to the hospital. Thankfully we were about to make it to the hospital in record time because little Tucker arrived fast and furious 30 minutes later! Chanel got the water birth she wanted and had a room of amazing supporters surrounding her! Tucker's birth was absolutely beautiful and he was such as sweet surprise. <3 Thank you so much for inviting me into your birth space, you are an amazing and strong woman! 

Chanel Maternity Lifestyle {Arlington Lifestyle Photography | Maternity Photography}

I had the pleasure of shooting Chanel's maternity lifestyle session recently! Her family is too precious! <3

Check back over the next couple of days for their birth and newborn lifestyle session!! 

Linkyn turns 2 {Red Oak Lifestyle Photography| Family Photography}

It is hard to believe that it has been 2 years since Linkyn was born! He has grown in to such an adventurous, fun-loving boy! <3 

Birth of Jetton {DFW Birth Photography | Mansfield Birth Photography | Hospital Birth }

{The Birth of Jetton from my point of view}

A few days before Jetton was born I was given the heads up that they had scheduled an induction for May 26th. Shay was already 4-5 cm so I double checked all of my gear just in case he decided to not wait until then. 

When Induction day arrived Shay and Jacob arrived and got settled into the hospital and started pitocin. Contractions started strong and fast so I arrived soon after!  

Jetton BW (11) copy.jpg

They worked seamlessly together. Jacob was such an amazing support for Shay as she labored through back to back contractions. 

 DFW Birth photography | Mansfield Birth Photography | Mansfield Methodist Hosptial | Dr Brown

After a couple hours on pitocin contractions were getting more and more intense so they decided to get an epidural. L and D was swamped that morning so it took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to get there but Shay rocked it! Once he arrived so did sweet relief! 

 DFW birth Photography| Mansfield Birth Photographer |

Soon after the rest of her family came to support her including their little girl! She was so excited to meet her baby brother.

As the morning went on everyone was having a good time laughing and chatting about reruns of The Reel. Their sweet little girl had fun playing with the peanut ball and playing hide and seek! 

Shays labor progressed rather quickly and within 2 hours she as ready to push. She pushed for maybe 20 minutes and little Jetton was born!

 He was perfect! Shay seriously made pushing look easy! 

 DFW Birth photography | Mansfield Methodist Hospital | Mansfield birth photography

When Cooper, their daughter, met Jetton for the first time she was completely smitten. Now there is something at every birth that pulls at my heart strings and seeing these siblings meet for the first time was definitely it. They were so sweet to watch! <3    

 DFW birth photography | Mansfield Birth Photography | Mansfield Methodist Hospital

The whole family was so in love with little Jetton! Happy Birthday sweet boy! <3 

It was such an amazing birth and it was an honor to be a part of their birth team! 

Check out there photographic birth story below! 

10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

1. Don't forget dad! 
Let dad be in the moment and not worrying about getting pictures. Let him support you and be an active participant! :)

 Cleburne Birth photography| Edenway birth center| DFW birth photographer

2. To share with your children as the grow! 
I always loved her hearing my birth story growing up but there are only a couple of pictures of my "birthday"! I'd love to look back on my parents meeting me for the first time.

 McKinney birth photography | DFW Birth photographer

3. To relive the moments!

The day feels long when we are in the midst of labor but the memories fade so fast! Having photographs to look back on helps you remember those things that might have been lost in laborland.     

 Grapevine Birth Photography| DFW Birth Photographer | Hospital birth

4. To ensure your memories are in focus.
 Professional birth photographers know the ins and outs of their equipment and how to work in the harshest lighting environments and still get great images!  

 DFW Birth Photography | Fort Worth Birth Photography | Birth Center Birth

5. To see how powerful you are!
"There is a secret in our culture and it is not that birth is painful but that women are strong"- Laura Stavoe

 Hurst Birth Photography| DFW birth Photographer | Gentle Beginnings Birth Center&nbsp;

6. To see your love grow!
Watch your love for your partner and growing family bloom right before your eyes. Watching a husband dote over his wife and children and new mother bonding with their babies is one of my favorite things to photograph. It pulls at my heartstrings every single time!

 DFW Birth Photography | Dfw birth Photographer| Herbal Bath| Edenway Birth center Photography&nbsp;

7. To capture those little details that change so fast.
New babies features change so fast! One day they have that sweet new baby fuzz and then it is gone! Birth photography helps you relive those little details that disappear without us even realizing it! 

 DFW Birth Photographer | Dfw Birth photography&nbsp;

8. Your baby only takes its first breath once! 

 Cleburne Birth Photography | DFW Birth photographer | Edenway Birth Center

9. Let your birth team focus on you.
No matter how much time your birth team thinks they will have to take pictures during your labor there is always something else they could be doing to help and support you. 

 Fort Worth Birth Photography| Harris Downtown| UNT Midwives&nbsp;

10. You Won't Regret it!! <3
The first time you meet your baby, the first time you count their fingers and toes, the first time your oldest meets your youngest; they are all such special moments in our lives! Capture it!  

 DFW Birth Photography|

Medulla Family Lifestyle Session {Fort Worth Family Photography| Dallas/ fort worth Breastfeeding Photography}

When the Medulla family said they were interested in doing a one year session I was so excited! We set a date and made a family day of it! Our daughters played, checked out all of the animals and we had a great time! 

It is hard to believe it has been a year since Remy of born! Her birth was so fun to capture, she definitely gave me a run for my money! Happy birthday sweet girl! And congratulations on your first year breastfeeding anniversary! 

Why Newborn Lifestyle? {DFW Lifestyle Photography}

Newborn lifestyle sessions are a fresh new way to take your newborn pictures. Here are my top five reasons why newborn lifestyle sessions might be right for you!

King Family (33) copy
  1. The session takes place in the comfort of your own home! In those first few days/ weeks new parents are adjusting to life with their new baby and the stress of getting out of the house can often be overwhelming! Having these sessions in your home allows you to relax and enjoy your new baby!
  2. Newborn lifestyle photography, DFW photographer, Fort Worth photography, newborn photography
  3. The session is all about real life. These sessions are very loosely posed, I really just try to find the best light in your home and shoot there. Everything else just unfolds in front of the camera!
  4. The session can take place after your baby is 2 weeks old without any trouble. Traditional newborn sessions are best when they are done within the first 10-14 days of life because your baby sleeps deeper and more often. With newborn lifestyle your baby can be 6 weeks old and still get great photographs! You can get great sleepy shots within the first couple of weeks but if you want to wait and get those sweet interactive smiles that is no problem at all!
  5.  dfw photography, dfw birth photography, newborn lifestyle sessions, siblings photography
  6. The session includes the whole family (both parents, siblings, and even pets if you choose). Newborn lifestyle sessions let you focus on family interactions. Does your older child like to read to the new baby? Do you have a sweet dog that loves to watch over your baby? You can include all of that in your session!
  7. herbal bath, dfw photography, dfw birth photography, newborn lifestyle sessions
  8. Herbal Baths! If you didn't get a chance to do any herbal bath after your birth this would be a perfect time to do one! They are so relaxing, healing and they make beautiful pictures!

For more information on Newborn Lifestyle Sessions Click Here 


Barr Newborn Lifestyle (5)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (10)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (20)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (31)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (40)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (49)
Barr Newborn Lifestyle (64)

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the Barr family a couple of weeks ago! Little Karis had just turned a week old and was so alert and cute as can be!  Big brother was so sweet with her too! Hilari and Jonathan are truly amazing parents and the transition from one to two little ones looked so natural for them! Thank you for inviting me into your home!! I have enjoyed getting to know your family! <3