A little about ME

Hi! My name is Kimberly Hammond, owner and photographer with Kimberly Hammond Photography.  I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my sweet little family. Aside from being a photographer I am also a wife and mother.

My amazing husband and I have been married since 2011 but have been together since my sophomore year of high school! High school sweethearts <3!  He is an amazing father to our little girls and I just love to watch them together! 

I absolutely love being a mother. Their births have truly shaped my photography path. <3

Random facts about me! 

  • Journey is my jam! 
  • I love to travel and hope to explore Iceland one day!  
  • I have had two c-sections after planning two homebirths.
  • I love Asian food!
  • The Office is one of my favorite shows.

My Photography Journey:

I started taking random photographs of my pets in elementary school. I would set up beanbags, blanket backdrops and would shoot away. The photos are terrible and hilarious but it was there that my passion for photography began. Since then I have taken many photography classes, the Birth Stories 101 workshop put on by Earth Mama Photography, NHance Photography and Ceci Jane,  and work everyday to refine my craft.

Aside from photography,  I have been fascinated by childbirth and babies my whole life. So the transition into birth photography seemed so natural to me! I love capturing the raw emotions of birth and the growth of families. Our memories can sometimes become fuzzy but photography helps pull us back into our past experiences. I love being able to give that gift to my clients. 

Thank you for checking out my work and I look forward to getting to know you!